50 years of experience

Soft Art

All our pillows are equipped with an exclusive internal spiral structure, developed and patented by Soff-Art®. The steel coils are subjected to a specific treatment designed by us.

Soff-Art® was born in 1971 by Giuliano Sciannameo, who thanks to his intuition and experience has created a company specialized in the production of high quality pillows and mattresses.

All products are entirely manufactured in our factory of over 3,000 square meters, located in Terni, a testimonial to the quality of Italian manufacturing.

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When tradition meets state-of-the-art technology the best ideas are born. Thanks to these driving forces we have become the most important and sophisticated mattress factory in Umbria.

In over 45 years of activity, SOFF-ART as a real artisan factory has followed its successful path, looking to the future with a critical and practical eye, combining tradition and research, experimenting with materials and workmanship in expert manner.

Soft Art Products


20.000 KWD
The core of the pillow is made of gentle independent coils, capable of ensuring air flow and heat exchange with every movement of the head, while providing appropriate head-neck support for an ideal spine posture, which will resuly in enhanced well-being.The interactive smart pillow with polyester fiber and springs.