Since 1969


Started in 1969, Getha is a lifestyle brand, featuring the wonders of 100% natural latex for your first day to everyday. Inspired by the native word – getah, the brand name was thoughtfully chosen to represent a brand that is inherently from Malaysia, a tropical country renowned for its high quality rubber and natural latex products.
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The brand logo illustrates the concept of living together.
The “leaf” signifies sustainable green living, and “two” water droplets represents unity and harmony – “Leaf-Two-Getha” conceptualises Getha’s values, mission and vision.

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, the quality of your bed dictates the quality of your sleep and, by extension, that of your waking hours. Getha is the top brand in the world dedicated to promote sleep hygiene. The Getha concept is specially designed to encourage the practices and habits that are necessary to have good night time sleep quality and full daytime alertness.

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The brand is a choice of royalties, elites and masstige worldwide as the brand continues to grow over the past 50 years. Getha builds a trusting relationship with its consumers through quality products with the best value, personalised shopping experience and customer service. Consumers of Getha are both loyal and confident when recommending the brand to their loved ones.

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