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  • Ombracio pillow

    Ombracio pillow

    The Ombracio Pillow supports you in your preferred sleep position. The special design helps to improve your breathing, even when sleeping on your stomach. The shape, the material and the cover of the pillow have been designed for better ventilation, comfort and simply a more restful sleep.

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  • Grand Comfort pillow

    Grand Comfort pillow

    A highly-conforming TEMPUR® sleeve is filled with shapeable micro-cushions. A plush, silk-cashmere blend cover tops off this ultimately soft luxury. 

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  • Cloud Comfort pillow

    Cloud Comfort pillow

    Made with a specially developed TEMPUR ES (Extra-Soft) material, to provide an innovative balance of softness and support. Ideal for those who want the support that TEMPUR can offer with a softer pillow feel.

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  • Original Comfort pillow

    Original Comfort pillow

    This pillow offers wonderful comfort however you sleep. It is made with a TEMPUR® envelope containing small TEMPUR micro-cushion for relaxing comfort and support. Made with the original TEMPUR material to give firm support for perfect alignment. this pillow complements the TEMPUR® Original Mattress collection.  

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  • Original Neck pillow

    Original Neck pillow

    The Original Pillow is a support pillow and is recommended for those who desire not only a better night's sleep but also need a more therapeutic sleep posture. The design follows your natural curve supporting your head, neck and shoulders to help align your spine and give you a perfect night's sleep.

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  • Symphony pillow

    Symphony pillow

    This dual sided pillow allows you to choose between a flatter side and a side that is shaped to comfortably fit around your shoulder. Soft yet supportive, the Symphony Pillow suits side and back sleepers.

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