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  • Flex 500

    Flex 500

    Rigid Bed Base with newly developed flexible pads made with an open honeycomb structure, for durable strength and better ventilation.

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  • Standard Platform Base

    Standard Platform Base

    Yatsan Standard Platform Base

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  • Fiche S50 GB

    Fiche S50 GB

    You'll love the flexibility of all, thanks to triple ergodynamiques joints that hold the slats of the bed.

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  • Flex Cloud 500

    Flex Cloud 500

    This static bed base has been specially designed to complement the TEMPUR Cloud Mattresses - TEMPUR support and comfort with a softer feel.

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  • RELAX 4

    RELAX 4

    Is a fully integrated combination of slat system and power drive unit. The system is used as a plain elastic basis for all mattresses that are suitable for adjustable systems. Relax 4 can also be integrated into customary bed systems or be used as a "Stand Alone" unit. A thin air permeable PU-foam layer covers the Relax Technique and grants together with the integrated slat system the...

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  • Easy


    Upholstered base box-like, versatile and robust. Support mattress surface ventilated. Available in many colours and three box profiles, fitting to any ambience

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