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Is a fully integrated combination of slat system and power drive unit. The system is used as a plain elastic basis for all mattresses that are suitable for adjustable systems. Relax 4 can also be integrated into customary bed systems or be used as a "Stand Alone" unit.

A thin air permeable PU-foam layer covers the Relax Technique and grants together with the integrated slat system the demand of planar elasticity. The cover colour is grey. The added chrome mattress holder prevents mattresses from slipping down.

  • fully encapsulated integrated drive mechanism (no visible metal levers)
  • integrated lordosis support
  • low voltage (24 V) only while operation
  • mains power cut (NFS)
  • four maintenance free motors
  • mechanical lowering in case of power failure (without batteries)
  • system lengths: 200cm / 210cm
  • system widths: 75cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm
  • manufactured according to VDE, protection class II
  • LGA / GS certified


Infrared Remote Control (IR)

  • base station external to the frame
  • illuminated display - self declaring piloting
  • mains power cut (NFS)
  • low voltage (24V) only while operation
  • toroid transformer and electronic in base station
  • transmitting range approx. 10 - 30 meters
  • two channels (A / B) adjustable for independent operation of two systems
  • modern design

100x200 cm

120x200 cm