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Next 22 Firm

Next 22 model us a mattress that combines both Supernova FoamsTM technologies. The surface is made with Supernova FoamsTM Memory technology, a new concept in visco elastic memory foam, with higher resilience. Consequently, the structure reacts to the body’s contours, but does not allow the user to sink too deeply.

  • ULTRA-FRESH JERSEY – Fully-washable jersey. This fabric’s exceptional freshness makes it the ideal covering for Supernova Foams TM Memory and Xenuloc® Feel mattresses. It helps ensure that the surface is constantly ventilated and that the temperature remains even.
  • 3D FABRIC – our three-dimensional fabric, completely permeable to air, really helps keep the mattress cool, fresh and ventilated. It increases the free circulation of air, which is fundamental for hygienic, safe and healthy sleeping environment, free from dust mites, allergies, heat and excessive perpiration.
  • SUPERNOVA FOAMSTM MEMORY 7.0 – a new concept in odourless, ecological visco-elastic memory foam. What makes it so noteworthy is that it regains its original shape five times faster than conventional memory foams during sleep and reducing overheating.
  • SUPERNOVA FOAMSTM REFLEX 4.2 – was the first Supernova FoamsTM technology developed by Colunex®. This means that Supernova FoamsTM Reflex is a tried and tested technology that is unusually long-lasting even for high-resilience foam, due to being extremely reactive and offering superior flexibility.

Sizes Available


150 x 200 cm

180 x 200 cm

200 x 200 cm

 15 years warranty