Hybrid Tempur Box Spring


The Tempur Box Spring bed system is developed to compliment the Tempur Hybrid Mattress launch. With inspiration from the German box spring category a complete bed system has been developed,a system that supports the introduction of the Hybrid mattress and offers new ''Tempur  bed category''.



The Headboards: All headboards are available in 2 heights 110cm and 130cm - all standing on the floor. all headboards are +10cm wider than the bed size- on each side.

CraftsmanshipAll stitching are in matching colour to the textile/PU.

The Stitching on the frame is applied as a design feature. Head and foot end has 1 stitching (on sizes 120,140 cm- it will have 2) and in the sides 2 stitching dividing the side into 3 equal parts.

Tempur logo is stitched to the frame and placed on the side of the bed close to the head end. The double bed system will have 2 logos placed left / right hand side close to the head end.


 Sizes available:

180x200 CM

200x200 CM

 Available color: