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Flex Cloud 500

This static bed base has been specially designed to complement the TEMPUR Cloud Mattresses - TEMPUR support and comfort with a softer feel.

  • Static bed base for TEMPUR Cloud mattresses
  • Designed with a silver and grey colour to complement the TEMPUR Cloud Mattress
  • Optional extras include a massage unit and square chrome legs
  • Available as drop-in (for an existing frame) or as a stand alone option with a choice of leg designs.
  • The flexible plates offer comfortable support and ventilation for the mattress.
  • Each plate can be twisted with ease to adjust the firmness and customise the base for maximum comfort. We recommend a firmer setting at the head and foot, a softer setting in the shoulder zone and a medium/firm setting in the back zone.
  • Attractively designed with silver and grey colour to complement the TEMPUR® Cloud Mattress.

75x200 cm

90x200 cm

2 years