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Duo Light Duvet

Two thin layers of fill material are enclosed in the fabric cover and stitched. The air entrapped between the two layers creates an increased insulation effect.

The revolutionary high-tech fibre Outlast® actively regulates temperature
Depending on the situation, the material either cools or warms the user, it keeps the user dry, and it is hardwearing, robust and extremely easy to care for.

The high-tech fibre is extremely breathable and does not absorb the moisture given off while sleeping.

The Royal duvets guarantee a pleasant dry sleeping environment and the lengthwise duvet adapts perfectly to the body contours in bed.

The high quality bed tick is made from a bamboo-cotton cosmetic textile with vitamin E. It has been proven that the skin absorbs this vitamin during sleeping. The effect of the vitamin is increased through maximum skin contact with bedding and the specially designed cover.

People with allergies will be able to enjoy an undisturbed sleep thanks to the anti-microbial fibre Amicor Pure ®. Amicor Pure® protects against allergens and bacteria. A soft fleecy micro-texture covering has been chosen for persons with particularly sensitive skin. Allergic persons reported a marked improvement in their symptoms after using Allergofit bedding.

135x200 cm

155x200 cm

240x220 cm

260x220 cm

260x240 cm