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Down Pillow

Filled with the finest large white down, Temprakon® down pillows provide you with pleasurable sleeping comfort. For Temprakon® down pillows we make use of large, supply white down taken from areas of the worls with extremely cold winter temperatures. This ensures that the down is large and supply and therefore has a fantastic insulating power.

 Filling :

appox. 500 grams

200g. White new goose down (100% down)

350g 1A white New goose feather & Down (85% feather / 15% Down)


Superfine Maco-Cotton (100%otton).


Washing Instruction:

  • Machine Washable ( min.7 kg capacity)

             non alkaline, mild detergentsuitable for sensitive fabrics and wool 

  • use woll wash cycle, max 400
  • rinse thoroughly ,spin

Tumbler Dryer:

Max temperature 1200