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Avalanche (Chiro Royal)

Avalanche Chiro Royal

Avalanche Chiro Deluxe brings the comfort with the highest level of the pillow top with the latex inside. The spring unit is replaced into a foam pool which supports the suspension of the wall structure.

Avalanche Chiro Deluxe Royal makes the difference with the slow recover memory foam layer instead of the latex. The double-jersey fabric is chosen on Chiro Royal is just for to get the right feeling of the memory foam.



  1. Sand pattern fabric
  2. 300gr/m2 silicone mixed fiber
  3. 17mm super soft foam
  4. 17mm D22 Foam
  5. 30gr/m2 Interfacing
  6. (Chiro Deluxe) 47mm latex foam  (Chiro Royal) 50 mm visco foam
  7. 24mm supersoft foam
  8. 500 gr/m2 felt
  9. D28 Hard Foam
  10. 2mm wire diameter 14 cm, 220 adet/m2 multispring
  11. 50mm D28 hard foam
  12. 15gr/m2Interfacing
  13. 12mm D18 Foam



Sizes Available











Also Available in customized sizes according to customer requirements

5 years warranty