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The Perfect Combination of horse hair, latex and pocket spring system.

The Pocket spring system is formed by mounting the springs produced individually in the interconnected fabric pockets. in this way,it has been conceived that springs would be connected to each other but act individually and thus serve different end points of our body. The individual springs also produced in different  degrees of hardness are placed in the mattress horizontally to form five different areas.

  • Mattress Produced with latex material helps you to have a more comfortable sleeping experience by diffusing to the mattress equally the pressure to which your body is subjected to while you sleep
  • The mattress filled with latex offer you a peacefull sleeping experience with its latex material made of durable and natural rubber which you can use for years healthily.


  1. Fabric with yellow rose pattern 300gr/m2
  2. 150gr/ m2 Fiber
  3. Super Soft Foam 2 x 17 mm
  4. 30gr/ m2 - interfacing
  5. 1200gr/m2 Horse hair
  6. Latex Foam 38 mm
  7. 30 mm D35 Soft Foam
  8. 20 mm D35 Soft Foam
  9. 200 gr/ m2 white felt
  10. D28 hard frame foam
  11. 1,6 / 1,8 wire diameter, 5 zones, 260 unit/m2 pocket spring
  12. 50mm D35 Hard Foam
  13. 15 gr/m2 interfacing
  14. AG foam 12 mm
  15. 70% cotton fabric
  16. D30 foam 20mm



Sizes Availabe






Also Available in customized sizes according to customer requirements

5 years warranty