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Specially designed to optimize the individual's rest and recovery process, the unique, higher density latex centre zone provides added support in the vital centre third where the body weight is concentrated.

Only latex dynamically conforms to the body's shape, giving superior support without creating high pressure areas allows for improved blood flow, bringing oxygen and nutrients to tired muscles, for maximum health and comfort, latex is the natural choice.

  • Naturally Conforming - Reduces pressure points that causes and turning
  • Naturally Breathable  - Removes body moister tokeep you warm in winter, cooler in summer
  • Naturally Healthy - Hypo - allegenic friendly, Dust Mite resistant and Anti - Microbial
  • Natural Friendly - Environmentally friendly, longer comfort life and less 



100x200 cm

120x200 cm

150x200 cm

180x200 cm

200x200 cm

Also available in customized sizes according to customer requirements

5 years