5D ( Semi-Sectional Deluxe)

 The 5D adjustable bed foundation features light gray upholstery and virtually unlimited head and foot positions. Raise or lower the bed with the touch of a button to find your most comfortable sleeping or resting position.

  • Two-memory position: This feature gives the option to save desired positions, that the user  can revert to easily at any time.
  • Zero Gravity: This function tilts the entire bed such that the mattress goes to a true  zero gravity position where the lumbar curve is actually suspended recreating a weightless sensation for your body by raising the headof the bed and then raising the foot of the bed so that your knee is just above your heart level.
  • Anti- Snore: Medical research shows that people with snoring issues and sleep apnea can experience symptom releif by elevating the head and therby opening up the air passageways in their throat. When your head lifted slightly your diaphragm is lowered and your breathing is unobstructed.

- replace flame-retardant non-woven with PU foam

- four of 8\'2-sectional straight legs

- nicer fabric (middle cream / Dark grey side rails

Sizes available  

090x200 CM

100x200 CM

120x200 CM

150x200 Cm

1 year