3E ( Essential Plus )

The Reverie 3E (Essential) utilizes the whisper quiet DC lift system with 6,000 Newtons of lifting power. Both the head and foot of the base can be raised. The wired remote control has a one-touch ''Flat'' button to return both the head and the the foot to the flat position. In a split bed, the two sides can be operated together or independently. The wallhugger design means that the head stays in the same horizontal position when being raised and lowered, which means that the user does not have to look or reach backwards to see the clock or take something off the nightstand.

 The Reverie -3E (Essential Plus) allows you to raise your head and feet into the relaxation or sleeping position of your choice.

The solid steel frame of the Reverie 3E( Essential Plus) adjustable base can fir within any standard bed frame. It has four beed legs with casters. The legs are adjustable, and can be set for 2 1/2\'\', 4\'\' or 61/2\'\'.

  • replace flame -retardant non-woven with PU foam
  • four of 8\'\'2-sectional straight legs
  • four corner retainer bars w/tubing cover
  • nicer fabric (middle cream/ dark grey side rails

 Size available

090x200 CM

100x200 CM

120x200 CM

150x200 CM

 1 year