• 5D ( Semi-Sectional Deluxe)

    5D ( Semi-Sectional Deluxe)

     The 5D adjustable bed foundation features light gray upholstery and virtually unlimited head and foot positions. Raise or lower the bed with the touch of a button to find your most comfortable sleeping or resting position.

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  • 3E ( Essential Plus )

    3E ( Essential Plus )

    The Reverie 3E (Essential) utilizes the whisper quiet DC lift system with 6,000 Newtons of lifting power. Both the head and foot of the base can be raised. The wired remote control has a one-touch ''Flat'' button to return both the head and the the foot to the flat position. In a split bed, the two sides can be operated together or independently. The wallhugger design means that the head stays in...

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