King Koil

  • Cool Serenity

    Cool Serenity

     The cooler side of sleep

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  • Arabian Nights

    Arabian Nights

     One side Box top Height 34 cms  

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  • 5th Avenue

    5th Avenue

    Specially designed to optimize the individual's rest and recovery process, the unique, higher density latex centre zone provides added support in the vital centre third where the body weight is concentrated. Only latex dynamically conforms to the body's shape, giving superior support without creating high pressure areas allows for improved blood flow, bringing oxygen and nutrients to tired...

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  •  Grand Majesty P.Top

    Grand Majesty P.Top

    From frame to fabric, the Grand Majesty is a refreshing combination of innovative design and superior craftsmanship. The Grand Majesty Mattress combines King Koil Comfort Technology with the finest materials available - the quilting is a luxurious 40 mm of foam combined with 10 mm of polyester fibre. Supporting it all is the exclusive posturised divan. It is designed to provide superb...

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  • Spinal Guard

    Spinal Guard

    The original King Koil bed developed in the 1960’s with the co-operation of the US International Chiropractors Association and still a winner today. The Spinal Guard provides enhanced spinal care and unrivalled posture support.  

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  • Duke Orthofirm

    Duke Orthofirm

    Luxurious upholstery layers along with polyester fillings to provide the extra comfort. A Pillow Top finish manufactured with the latest machinery to ensure a top with plusher feel.

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